questions about lyf

“If nature is unjust, change nature.”
(Laboria Cubonics)

Which aesthetics resonate, which are allowed to resonate, which are reinforced, what are the structures that contribute to this, the impact of architecture, of public space, of landscape? In what ways is clothing gendered? Is it similar to how the environment, our surroundings are gendered? How are they valued, affected by patriarchy, white supremacy, colonialism? Spaces, bodies transform in protest, multiplying in an effort to resist. How can we navigate the privilege of saturating space, or time, draping it in cloth? When we dress, compose style, focus on the inherent resonances, harmonies and textures of our environment, what are the processes, the structures that contributed to their existence in the first place? What draws us to them? What can we be conscious of when making those aesthetic choices? How is bodily aesthetic informed, what references, cultures, histories are we drawing from? Appropriating, reproducing. How are we choosing the locations, the fashions to explore? What is the diverse history of the pant, the shirt, the dress, the shoe, the garment? What are these categories and who made them? What experiences do they cater to? How are these categories useful or important and who/what validates them? What are the geopolitics tied to these forms, these utilities of dress? If we aspire to mediate meditative, corporeal style, how do we approach it? Can we be the ones to construct it, and for whom? Can it be about pleasure, can it be poetic?

How can we employ a diversity of tactics to (help) create alternate spaces, experiences and communities? Could we create locations for exploration without fear of shame, experimentation without fear of judgement? Safer spaces. We have a lot to process and act upon, especially when it comes to exploiting our own positions of risk, of multi-privilege, to begin a process, to nurture sites of resistance for structural re-thinking and un-learning. De-constructing normativity, celebrating fluidity, multiplicity. Rejecting the violence of essentialism and determinism. Mapping out constellations of subversion. A betrayal of complicity. An irritation, a contamination, a poison, a plague.